Why do I think differently 

Todays generation feels the need to label everything, to give people a sense of security that there are others out there like them. So if I must label myself it would be a digital artist. But I’m much more than that,

                    I am Jake Strange.

I travel and share then images and moments I dream in my head with the public. I create these moments with soundtracks, then I go about how to make these dreams into reality. I also explore many other things in life and every passion I have I pursue it with creative and logical aspects. Often I find myself relating to memories and moments of things before I was ever born. I just want to share the beautiful way I perceive the world with everyone, and inspire people that life is truly what you make of it. Nobody was born with limitations to life, nothings stops anyone from living their life to the fullest besides themselves. In todays world you’re told to study hard in school and then you can get into a good collage and then maybe you’ll land yourself a good job. Next thing you know you pick your head up from your life and yours 50 years old still doing the same thing as everyone else. Just going day by day to pay for your kids, wife, mortgage, and all you have to say is “I did what I was supposed to do.” We center our whole lives today around things that never existed 500 years ago. We take medicines that who knows what does to your body. Say no to the now conventional way of life and go down your own path. Nobody can tell you what to do besides yourself. And sometimes not everyone is cut out for such a life. You have to be able to risk it all, and think outside the box. But the only way to look at the bigger picture is to take a step back from everything so you can see it. Everyone says think outside the box but only those that have thought outside the box can understand the idea of it self to think outside of the common thought. Todays Idea of life is so false and opposite of what life was made for. Just say no to the people and say yes to yourself and the world. When I die I want to look back and reflect on my time here, and be able  to say I

pursued happiness and I achieved

it, I lived my  dreams,  and yes

sometimes   I   lost    battles,

sometimes   I    won    battles.

But  in  the  end I won the war. 

By the end of year 2018 I will have captured over 52,500 photos, over 870 hours of video…why all this? Its the act of taking a static moment, never to be seen again and only relived by our fading memories and turning it into a relivable piece of content. I can take my experiences and relive them and edit them to show the world how I see things in my head. Ever since I was a kid I would hear a song on the radio and visualize in my head what you would expect to see along with it. I never understood what that skill meant until I picked up my first camera at 7 years old. From that point on I was fascinated and fell in love with showcasing things from my point of view to others. I am able to give people the same emotions I see and feel. I use this ability to do good and inspire people with uplifting content to help those who can’t see the bigger picture find what their true purpose and interest in life is. I use many mediums shared on multiple platforms. I started with just a iPod. Now I shoot on digital resolutions most household TVs can’t even display. I dabble into super 8 film and 35mm cameras. Most of my content I create with the now very popular DSLR style of camera. While I change my setup from project to project, my goal stays the same… Make people see that theres so much more to life than just doing what your told and being rewarded by a paycheck. Life is solely what you make of it and nobody but yourself is stopping you.

Why make content

If your asking because you want a short answer to decide if you want to live your life like this, then your not ready anyways. But there is only one way to guarantee that you achieve your goals and that is to never give up. Many times in my life I have faced challenges 

          and had to overcome criticism that tries to get in the way of what I love doing. You just can’t loose focus, because when you do, its harder to get back in. Think about a camera lens, its much easier to be out of focus when 99% of your turn radius is blurred and just that less than 1% gets you a clear image. That sweet focus spot for us people is the thing we where made to do in life. One of the most eye opening things I have ever heard was when Max Planck said “Consciousness creates reality.” At first I was confused by the statement how a conscious which is not a physical object or even something that can be physically explained because thats the ultimate form of thinking outside the box. We can’t explain the conscious to exact detail because its our mind itself doing the explaining using its conscious. Its like asking a operating system what a program is. It can’t explain besides the fact it makes it do this or that, because the OS can’t see the program in other computers because its non physical, but it can’t step outside its own head to see itself think. So I had to first try to grasp the idea of consciousness and trust that Max knew what he was talking about as most of his theoretical topics are things not physically possible of being understood. Like infinity or quantum theory. We can see that start and the end but can’t understand the process. Consciousness creates reality in essence is the fact that your conscious has a subconscious state of mind that subconsciously controls your actions to create a future based off of your subconscious state of mind. So say I tell myself I’m no good at playing piano, even if I try hard, when I still truly believe that I’m no good my mind subconsciously makes decisions that lead to a future of me continuing to be no good. The term is “The observer creates the reality” So if your life is a movie, how you feel about what your seeing right now ultimately effects what you’ll see later. After researching all these things I came to a reason why things always work out for me. Thats because I never doubt myself or lack confidence in anything I do or say. So to sum all of this up, essentially if you believe in yourself, you can do anything you want to do in the world. Growing up my parents always told me “you can do anything in the world you put your mind to.” And until I researched all of the above I never truly understood how that was. But if you just try it, you’ll look back and say what a life you’ve lived, and  thats true success.

How can you guarantee success