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Hi. The names Jake Strange, 

Most call me Strange though, I thought that was a nickname for the longest time but turns out it was more or less an adjective… and yes, thats my legal last name. This whole thing started about 11 years ago the I first picked up a video camera, id make little home movies and show them to my parents and a few years later I learned anybody could post a video on youtube so Feb, 2011 my first youtube video was uploaded. A few weeks passed and it had gotten 27 views, at that time I couldn’t even fathom the fact that more people had seen a video I made than could fit in my bedroom, from that point out I was hooked. I went on making my videos trying something new every few months until in 2015 I made my first “Vlog” and the next day when I checked on it, I saw 170,000 views. I was speechless, instantly grabbed my camera and started to make the next video. Fast forward a few years and a couple million views, I had moved past the whole “Vlog” phase and was starting to take an interest in true cinematic art. I founded my first business “STRANGE MEDIA” Where I would make videos for people that needed more than what they could do. Did that for a year or so and finally realized I had lost touch with my creative side by just doing video work for hire, simply put I just didn’t care about what I was recording. So I hired another guy to film the videos and edit them for my clients. I quickly realized the expansibility of this business plan and that is when “STRANGE MEDIA” really took off. At our peak that year we produced 6 videos for 5 different clients in one week, I had hired 3 camera guys, two editors, and one sales manager to find/work with clients. While I continued to grow that business I had picked up a lot of skills in social media marketing and figured id give a go at doing smm for other business. So I started “STRANGE MARKETING” we specialized in Instagram and Youtube marketing campaigns to generate an essence of vitality for our clients through a strategy I developed. I would take on clients with 3-4 thousand followers with a unique talent or really anything worth sharing, and bring them to 100,000 plus viewers/followers. But quickly I realized I am bored again, and the fun was all in developing the strategy and after that it was just plugging in the different name of the client. So I hired someone to actually run and manage the campaigns, and hired someone to find new clients. Just like that I had another fully expandable, minimal time from me required business. I decided I was finally going to just chase my passion for creating beautiful content that told a strong story, I was always intrigued by traveling so I booked a trip to Greece to go take photos and videos and just enjoy the pretty world around me. A few weeks out from going to Greece quite a few of my buds had heard I was going and wanted to tag along with. Then I had an idea hit me, I was seeing all these bulk rates for fun things to do in Greece if you where traveling in a group, and the pricing for a group of say 8 would end up being 40% or more off per person than me going alone. So I started another company, and if you can’t guess what I named it by now you haven’t been reading well enough. “STRANGE TRAVEL” And well thats where I sit now, traveling around with pretty people, going to pretty places, making pretty videos. Im working on a lot of business projects at the moment while traveling as well as painting both my media and marketing agencies. As far as whats next exactly I couldn’t tell ya, im just all about living life day by day, while running at full speed during those days.